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Kristin Culverwell has been an avid practitioner of holistic and alternative modalities for her own nutrition, health, and healing for over a decade. Several years ago she lost her father to cancer when her daughter was just a few months old, since then, she has poured her energy into learning about natural and toxin-free alternatives for healing and everyday household products. She moved with her family from Baltimore, MD to Los Angeles in 2016 after a trip to Thailand in which it became abundantly clear that it was time for a major life shift to fulfill this purpose. Since living in California she started Wish Wellness an aromatherapy service in which she crafts custom aromatherapy blends for events and teaches classes educating others about the spiritual, health and healing benefits of using essential oils as the foundation of a toxin-free lifestyle. 


Kristin is working with CHH bringing her expertise in the area of essential oils creating a healthy clean environment - free from toxic poisons.  This in- home session will focus on current lifestyle as it relates to the products being  used personally and in the home. She will conduct a biometric scan (appropriate for kids and adults) and give an overview of how to use essential oils to support a toxin-free lifestyle. Kristin will discuss the many uses of essential oils, vast benefits and give practical tips for switching to essential oils to support emotions, digestion, immune system, pain relief, detoxification, cleaning and more. 


As part of this session a custom-blended roller and room spray will  be formulated.  You will  choose from a menu of personal blends crafted specifically for home purification, immune support, improved digestion, easy breathing, glowing skin, easing anxiety, assisting in meditation or deep relaxation/sleep. This will be followed by a 3-month wellness plan suggesting oils and supplements that support a toxin-free lifestyle and that address the areas of support identified in the session and in the scan. Visit our service page to see more info.


"I have made countless healthy lifestyle changes with the help of Kristin’s guidance and support. When she gives advice, she is so good at breaking things down, so they are understandable. I have seen improvements in my energy levels, digestion and more".


"I am a mom of two girls and work a full time demanding job. Making healthy choices has always been at the top of my to-do list, but I couldn’t always find the time.  The practical advice and natural remedies Kristin has suggested have been so beneficial for our family's well-being and they are so simple that they easily fit into our schedule."


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