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Working in the healing arts for the last 15 years, Heather McCall has been a Reiki practitioner since 2002 and a Reiki Master since 2004 and has a background in Kinesiology, Energy Work, Body Work, Animal Communication and space clearings.


Specializing in working with animals, people and spaces, Heather is known around the world for her grounded, intuitive, collaborative approach to health. Heather's varied training allows her to be able to focus on one area or flexible enough to be combined to suit the clients needs. Heather has been described as living and walking on “constant seismic activity. She is always shifting the energy.”


For disturbances or imbalances in the home, office or land, Heather incorporates all her listening skills, healing and clearing techniques to her Space Sessions, believing that spaces need as much compassion and care in healing as one's internal system. She will energetically ‘organize’ environments in order to have energy run more smoothly and ‘cleanse’ the space of external energy fields that may be affecting the area in disturbing ways. She also offers remote services as well. 


Raised in London, England, Heather is now living in Los Angeles and is dedicated to helping humans, animals, and spaces throughout the U.S, England and abroad. 


“Heather came to my home to do an energy clearing. The house is a 200 year old structure with a lot of history, past and present. The experience could not have been more amazing! Heather's cheerful and calming nature were immediately apparent. She is not only extremely gifted, but also highly sensitive to her clients and the vulnerability involved in opening up one’s private space. It was an exciting experience to watch her work, and my home today has a notably lighter and happier energy!"


“My experience as an estate agent has proven to me that there is a positive effect on houses that have been cleared. People seem to relate easier to the house, move through the space without avoiding rooms. There is generally more positive feedback and enjoyment during open houses and sales go through with more ease. I have had the opportunity to work with Heather on a number of historic homes. Not only did I find her to be easy to communicate with and friendly in her approach, but also her work is thorough and effective in lifting the energy of the properties in question.  I believe in her work and highly recommend her!"


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