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Lili Pettit, Founder of Clutter Healing® Inc., has built her life around clearing out the negative and unnecessary, making space for what serves in positive and productive ways – both in the home and in the body. Combining her studies in somatic breath work, more than 10 years of organizing experience, and energetic space clearing, Lili assists her clients in processing what they find hard to let go of due to emotional attachment - whether that be because of the loss of a loved one, a divorce, an out of state move, etc. Her positive attitude, clear logic, and focused energy gently guides people through the restorative process to establish a sense of calm, clarity and consciousness in their emotional and physical worlds. Through her business, her ultimate goal is to help each client set themselves free and embark upon a life long journey of lighter living. 


"Working with Lili and her team helped me shed layers of old energy and lifetimes of clothing I no longer needed. I am finally able to breathe deeply in my closet after she and her team put everything in order. Everything has a place and everything makes total sense. It’s so much easier to find things and get dressed. My closet is finally the jewel box boutique it was always meant to be."


"Working with Lili and her team, drastically reduced my stress levels. We moved from another state and while the movers unpacked us, nothing was set-up in a very practical or thoughtful way. She and her team sorted, rearranged and organized our entire home and were instrumental in helping us remove a ton of stuff that no longer fits our current lifestyle. Their calm supportive attitude transformed our home in just a few sessions. They blend the practical and spiritual effortlessly leaving your space transformed and rejuvenated. After working with After working with Lili, our lives feel so much more in balance, so much more in flow. Opportunities that we never thought possible began coming to us and we are certain it is because of the Clutter Healing touch. We've learned that letting things go allow space for others to come in!"


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