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For over 2 decades Sat Purkh has been studying, sharing, and assisting others find their Highest, Authentic Self. She is a level 1, 2, & 3 certified KRI Kundalini Yoga instructor, an Associate Trainer in the KRI Training Academy Level 1 & 2 Teacher Trainings, certified Tantric Numerologist, and Gong / Sound Healing professional. Her House clearing sessions involve the use of powerful clearing meditations, intuitive aromatherapy / Sacred Earth & Planet essences, and use of a Planetary Gong.


Each space, like an individual, is unique in what it can hold, offer and receive.  Sat Purkh works with the space to cleanse it of unwanted past energies and frequencies that are not holding its true intention and vibration. She then resets the natural order of the existing location, raises the vibration, and leaves clients with their space cleared and charged to hold their higher intentions so they can freely align with themselves to create, love, and enjoy the space they inhabit.

* Sat Purkh particularly enjoys clearing smaller spaces.


“My home had an unfortunate tumultuous event after the lunar eclipse and my roommate, whom I thought was my friend exhibited a side I had never experienced.  She moved suddenly and although I was fortunate she left there was a shock and grief that I experienced and wanted to remove from my sanctuary.  Sat Purkh was truly the Yin and the Yang energy coming in to balance the space with light, sound frequency, blessing the space with oils and flower essences.  I would highly recommend her and plan myself to take the opportunity to use her wonderful services again."


“I rented my property about 10 years ago, and I felt like it had a curse. It kept drawing in couples that soon would end up splitting up. I felt there was a dark entity left their by someone and whoever was moving in was feeling susceptible to it. Sat Purkh came with her Gong and essences and cleared the space. My next tenants instead of splitting apart ended up getting married."


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