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Zulema was born in New Orleans and shortly after moved with her family to Guatemala where she lived until moving to Los Angeles 15 years ago. She hails from a long line of energetically sensitive women and remembers regularly witnessing her grandmother contact the spirit world throughout her childhood. As a student of metaphysics, she is comfortable with many methods of divination. Zulema uses her natural intuitive powers and mastery of the Tarot deck to guide her clients through times of difficulty or simply to help them continue to move in a positive direction. She guides with an objective approach towards seeing the obstacles preventing clients from reaching their full potential and to help break through those often self-imposed limits into true happiness. 


She has spent many years studying with Shamans in her native land and abroad and incorporates those cultural rituals as part of her unique home cleansings. She also incorporates Tibetan singing bowls in her practice to balance the energy with sound.


*Zulema prefers to work with the owners of the space with a tarot reading and then will work her mastery on the space. When not possible she can also perform clearings with the space alone.  She will balance and invite positive energy and banish negativity, including ghosts and entities. She is fluent in English, Spanish and Italian and has been giving readings and performing space clearings in any one of these languages for many years. She is also available for private Day of the Dead ceremonies. 


“The Wonderful Madame Zulema! Even though I know her for years, she surprises me every time I see her with her incredible sincerity, vision and incredible sincerity, vision , intuition and compassion.  She simply knows what’s coming, what your obstacles are and the solution even before she sees the cards you choose.  She can be firm as a rock and gentle as soft water. Most of all she is extremely accurate! I highly recommend!"


“I threw a big birthday party and had Madame Zulema read some tarot for the guests as entertainment.  I had no idea people would be so positively affected and that it would be such a success!  Up to this day, I have friends sharing sincere remarks on their deep, heartfelt experience while reading with Zulema.  She’s gifted and I highly recommend her!"


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