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Founded by Public Relations maven Nancy Lucas, whose career spans 30 years with the top international and domestic luxury fashion and wellness brands. Throughout Nancy’s life, she has been interested in theories on Quantum physics and  these inquiries led her to discover personal healing through meditation, life visioning, Reiki, sound, and other healing modalities. She is an avid practitioner of Kundalini Yoga and has been given the spiritual name of Pavandev: meaning purifying / energy .

CHH’s soul purpose is to bring a carefully curated roster of skilled experts to clear and balance the energy in your home and environments. Everything has energy, even inanimate objects. Our experts will re-set and clear heavy or negative atmospheres, release what does not serve your highest good and celebrate your space by performing sacred, ancient ceremonies and a myriad of other services to create your own personal Sanctuary.  Working with architects and developers allows us to identify the land for Feng Shui and grid the foundation resulting in a highly desirable property. Wellness real estate is one of the fastest growing areas of wellness and we address and deliver those services.

If you are feeling anxious, unsettled or you may have experienced recent trauma or loss, Creative Home Healing could be a solution to help shift the energy for healing and release. The benefits will leave you feeling calmer, peaceful, more productive and in harmony with life. One small shift has the possibility to create a ripple affect in all areas of your life.

* Our event services have also been added by popular demand.    * Remote services also available.



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