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A native of South Dakota, Dee was called to pursue a much bigger life from an early age. She could have never predicted how the topography and the Native American culture she grew up with would go on to influence her healing work.


Upon moving out west to Los Angeles, Dee built a successful career as a wardrobe stylist with a specialty – rock stars.  After traveling the globe and living a faced paced life, she got married and had a child and took a hiatus to enjoy motherhood. Having the space for self inquiry she began to study meditation and had the good fortune to find teachers such as, Amy Perry, Michael Bernard Beckwith of Agape Spiritual Center (where she dove deep into study) and Thomas Huebl; to name a few.  The spiritual studies and meditation had a profound effect on her life and she began to teach meditation to others. Her love of meditation and her gentle and nurturing style puts clients at ease. The value of mindfulness and deeper presence, stress reduction, and access to intuitive wisdom and creativity are focal points in her teaching philosophy.


With further study of sacred healing plants; gifts from Mother Earth, Dee was guided by spirit and began incorporating these into her healing practice.  Traveling to Costa Rica she participated in Shamanic healing ceremonies learning about the healing power of plants. She developed a line of sacred smoke dust and room sprays that help support her energy clearing ceremonies. She is a channel for high vibratory frequencies that work through her enabling her to clear and purify a space. The spaces are restored to their original brilliance full of light and high vibrational energy.  With decades of study and research Dee has been teaching and performing personal and space healings for over 15 years.  She has spent over 2000 hours in one on one service to others. Her mission is to teach others how to infuse spirituality into our modern lives bringing light into our jobs, homes and relationships.


Dee is available for space clearings and deeper sessions that incorporate mediation and life visioning when clarity and life purpose is in question.  You can also book her for one on one meditation and corporate workshops.


"Dee can pack more love and healing into ten minutes than anyone I know.  She is a gift and I am so grateful for her."


"Dee has a strong understanding of energy and holding sacred space.  She embodies compassion and strength.  I consider myself

very blessed to work with her."


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