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Within a space, every cubic centimeter whether solid or seemingly empty, is filled with vibrating energy fields. There are a multitude of realms within the structure.  In addition to the purely physical realm of your home or office and the physical objects within it, there are emotional energies and a multitude of spiritual and etheric energies. 

All things have an energy and all things can carry an energy. This is especially true for things that people feel strong emotions while using, such as a bed or couch because their strong projected energy will move into these. Emotions have their own energy structure that lingers long after they are felt. This is why your home, office, hotels and public spaces require clearings to balance and re-set the energy just as you would tune a piano. 


Psychometry is based on the idea that a person’s feelings, thoughts, and personality imprint on their physical objects and surroundings. This includes the previous inhabitants and objects brought into the home; including antiques. The land on which the structure was erected can also influence the energy of a home. If built over a previous grave site, for instance, the homes energy field may be adversely effected.  Your space is also affected by the spiritual energy and the love and care you give it. 


It has never been more important to have a place where one can go to  re-charge and center themselves from the hectic pace of the world outside.  A place of comfort where they find solitude,  peace of mind and sense of wellbeing.  

* Benefits of a clearing include mental clarity and relaxation and a greater sense of wellbeing. You can also see an improvement in relationships, finances and even health issues. 

* Space clearings for businesses are advised when sales start to drop,when new clients rate starts to drop, during financial difficulties, before a new business opens or there is a location change. Business space clearings create a peaceful, collaborative and cohesive workplace where people feel focused, appreciated and motivated.

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